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Restaurant Workers' Experiences

This page covers the real stories of restaurant workers across the country. We have worked to address the needs of these workers either directly or through our partner organizations. These are only some of the countless stories of the restaurant worker we work with on a daily basis. Donate today to help restaurant workers just like them.

"My restaurant closed down right before Christmas. It was my job for 7 years." - Laid off, Astoria, NY

"While I've been able to keep up with rent just barely, there's nothing left for groceries and my credit cards are getting maxed. I'll not be able to continue at this rate without some sort of help." - Laid off, Seattle, WA

"My wife and I are in bankruptcy from medical bills accrued from the last 6 years, and are in danger of losing our health insurance." - Laid off, Seattle, WA

"I care for my elderly father who is immune compromised as well as my sister who is battling breast cancer. I was hired recently but unable to start due to COVID and their health." -  Restaurant Worker from Seattle, WA

"Been laid off for 9 months now. I've been applying and looking for work, but I haven't had any luck." - Laid off,

Oakley, CA

"I was laid off in March and then had a job at a brewery for about 1 month and then that was all shut down as well. My rent is not getting fully paid and am hoping to not be evicted." - Laid off, Danville, CA

"I had three other jobs before COVID and have been laid off from all four. My unemployment is a fraction of the income I was making." - Laid off, Seattle, WA

"The restaurant where I worked for ten years was not able to re open after the first shut down in March. I found a job at another restaurant and was laid off after summer due to lack of business. I am very behind on credit card bills and the past few months have just been very stressful." - Laid off, Fife, WA

"As someone with a heart condition, I cannot afford to be in a position with such a great amount of public exposure." - Restaurant Worker from Brunswick, GA

"This is second time I’ve been laid off this year, I’m a single mom to two boys and this is killing me financially." - Livermore, CA

"I was laid off almost immediately when COVID hit and we just got word that Sidebar, the restaurant I worked at, will not be opening again. I am applying to new jobs every day but I am competing with thousands of other out of work industry workers in NYC. I could use any relief to help me with bills and rent." - Laid off, New York City, New York

"I was a bartender at the Showbox till COVID forced us to close. We were one of the first types of places to close due to the COVID 19 Pandemic." - Laid off, Seattle, WA

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