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Another Round, Another Rally 

Hospitality workers are facing unprecedented hardships, but Another Round Another Rally is here to help. If you are a chef, server, bartender, dishwasher, sommelier, manager or someone who holds any other type of hospitality role, Another Round, Another Rally is offering $500 relief grants for those who lost their jobs or had their hours slashed in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Southern Smoke Foundation

Southern Smoke is a crisis relief organization for people in the food and beverage industry. They provide funds directly to people in need that are battling health crises, winter storm damage, natural disasters, mental health needs and, of course, those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through their national Emergency Relief Fund.


The COCO Fund

Do you work in the restaurant and hospitality industry and have lost either your job or any income due to COVID-19? Are you in need of financial assistance? You may be eligible to receive a $500 grant from the COCO Fund. If you’re in the restaurant or hospitality industry and struggling, apply now for a grant.


General REsources

One Fair Wage

One Fair Wage is a national coalition, campaign, and organization seeking to end all sub-minimum wages in the United States and increase the sustainability of wages and working conditions in the service sector. One Fair Wage policy would require all employers to pay the full minimum wage with fair, non-discriminatory tips on top, that would lift millions of tipped and sub-minimum wage workers nationally out of poverty.

World Central Kitchen

As part of its #ChefsForAmerica nationwide emergency food relief program, World Central Kitchen has purchased over 15 million meals from local restaurants totaling more than $160 million, and delivered those meals directly to Americans that need assistance. It is WCK’s intention that by working directly with restaurants and providing demand for the restaurant business, they can get meals to those who need them most while also uplifting an industry that needs all of our help to keep their doors open.

SF New Deal

SF New Deal is proud to extend our support to a large number and variety of businesses that add vibrancy to neighborhoods in all 11 SF districts. Each of the 400 small businesses listed below will receive a $2500 grant.

Grants were awarded to businesses whose sales were negatively impacted by COVID-19 closures, including 61 salons, 12 art and entertainment spaces, 5 bookstores, 21 bars, 13 childcare centers, 21 retail stores, and 3 tailors. Recipients include 324 self-identified BIPOC-owned businesses, 189 women-owned businesses, and 41 LGBTQ-owned businesses.

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation


Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation

By addressing quality-of-life issues that disproportionately affect restaurant workers – 40% of whom live on poverty-level wages – the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation hopes to strengthen the workforce and increase opportunities for advancement in the industry to more people. The restaurant industry is notorious for low wages, poor job mobility, high turnover, and burnout, and the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation seeks to combat these structural and cultural issues with a focus on:

  • Wage Fairness and Career Ladders

  • Gender Equity and Sexual Violence

  • Racial Justice and Support for the Immigrant Community

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse


James Beard Foundation

The James Beard Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to celebrate, support, and elevate the people behind America’s food culture and champion a standard of good food anchored in talent, equity, and sustainability. Open for Good is the James Beard Foundation’s campaign to help independent restaurants survive the COVID-19 crisis, rebuild better, and thrive for the long term through providing critical resources to help independent restaurants build the capacity to come back stronger, more equitable, more sustainable, and more resilient.


Million Gallons

Million Gallons’ focus is in assisting restaurant and hospitality workers, and others who have been displaced by coronavirus (COVID-19). Their ability to assist will likely be limited to Westchester County and New York City, though they are being contacted from far and wide. Million Gallons will do what we can to help anyone we can, but our focus is in our local communities for now.

Behind You, Inc.

BEHIND YOU! provides financial assistance to food service employees who are unable to work due to illness or injury. Our goal is to have the backs of food service industry employees in times of need.


Regarding Her Food

In November 2020, the founding members of RE:Her sought to raise money so that we could provide cash grants to female-identifying restaurants or culinary businesses with critical financial needs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Six months later, they are excited to announce the launch of their grant program with the Regarding Her Relief Grant, sponsored by DoorDash, which offers grants to qualifying restaurants down at least 25% in Pre-COVID revenues during 2020 and are at least 25% women-owned or women-identifying.



AFM brings together restaurants, suppliers, vendors, and workers to enjoy each other’s company and make a difference in the community. During COVID-19, AFM delivered meals to unemployed workers in record numbers, and are now transforming from this emergency program to sustainable longer vision.



Ment'or is a leading nonprofit organization devoted to inspiring culinary excellence in young professionals and preserving the traditions and quality of cuisine in America. Their aim is to build a sustainable community of young American professionals that are knowledgeable and confident in their career pursuits and will be life-long ambassadors of quality and excellence in the world of gastronomy through grants and training.


Servers Workers Coalition

Service Workers Coalition is a grassroots Mutual Aid Fund, and now incorporated Non-Profit Organization, that has mobilized to respond to the evolving needs of laid off hospitality workers throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The central action of SWC is grocery stipends.The fund offers $50 a week grocery stipends to any out of work service industry workers. 


86 Restaurant Struggle

Restaurants in the U.S. are in an "economic free fall" amid the ongoing spike in coronavirus cases and the forced shutdowns, with almost 20% of dining establishments around the country having closed permanently since the start of the pandemic. In the absence of any substantial government relief and a gridlock in state unemployment agencies, it is incumbent on us within the community to help one another. All of the funds raised as a part of 86 Restaurant Struggle will be re-distributed directly to restaurant workers, via checks and electronic platforms, who have either lost their job or are in need of a small leg-up to cover rent payments, medical bills, childcare or any other day-to-day help.


Austin Shift Meal

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, many workers in Austin's hospitality industry have been affected by closures and layoffs.  Inspired by the Houston Shift Meal team, Austin Shift Meal is dedicated to providing these individuals with meals so that no one goes hungry.​


Queens Together

Queens Together is a clearing house for food scarcity solutions during the COVID 19 crisis, and beyond. Queens Together connects agencies, organizations, and food providers to communities. They create, implement and manage last mile systems using roots in the food business and history of community activism to see issues on the ground and activate solutions that:

  • Provide income to food businesses, their workers and others in the community

  • Build partnerships with local organizations and volunteer networks

  • Deliver meals for people facing food insecurity across Queens


Hot Bread Kitchen

Hot Bread Kitchen stands firmly in solidarity with members of New York City’s Food and Restaurant industry, who face unprecedented challenges as a result of COVID-19. Hot Bread Kitchen is pivoting our program support to provide the most critical relief that women in the food industry, small business owners, families, and communities need in these challenging and uncertain times.


Restaurant Opportunities Centers United

Dedicated to building worker power—economically, socially and politically—in the workplace, ROC unites and engages restaurant workers of all backgrounds around shared goals and values to contribute to a larger worker movement aimed at raising the standard of living for all the working class. ROC United is making a variety of efforts to support restaurant workers impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and shutdowns across the country.


Big Table

Operating in Seattle and Spokane, Washington, and San Diego, California, Big Table cares for restaurant workers experiencing hardship, poverty, addiction, legal trouble, and more—all of which can be magnified by crises like COVID-19. Big Table works on a referral model, so rather than requiring a person in crisis to ask, Big Table allows a fellow employee or manager to submit a personal referral.


Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE)

Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE) offers support to families of food and beverage service workers facing serious challenges, from serious illness and death to injury or eviction. CORE grants help families with everything they need to weather tough times — medical bills, gas, groceries, clothing, utilities, rent, and more. Since 2004, CORE has supported more than 600 families and raised over $4 million. Currently, CORE is setting aside grants specifically for families of restaurant employees who have tested positive for COVID-19.


Food Chain Workers Alliance

In response to the dangers of COVID-19, the Food Chain Workers Alliance is fighting for the health and safety of workers, fair wages and working conditions, and support for street vendors and undocumented immigrants.

Dining at a Distance

Dining at a Distance, created specifically to support food providers during the COVID-19 pandemic, offers dozens of local, community-sourced databases of farms and restaurants that remain open for business. Residents of nearly 50 cities of all sizes around the globe, from Berlin to Boston to Corinth, Mississippi, can find contact information for restaurants, takeout and delivery details, and comments from community members.

ChowNow and CASHDROP

Use these companies to bring your restaurant online and take advantage of the digital restaurant industry. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, online orders have become increasingly more important to keeping local businesses afloat.

Note: Some information is pulled directly from the website's of these organizations.

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