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Deedra's Story

Deedra T. is a restaurant worker from Oklahoma who was laid off during the pandemic. Scroll below to read her story.

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When the pandemic started in March 2020 I not only lost my income, but I lost my job my career my house and my car and my kids. I've also been homeless for 9 months and no one has a job in the service industry. The restaurants should start opening back up here in Oklahoma and I'm trying to keep this new home and find employment. For some reason I'm not eligible for unemployment in the state of Oklahoma even though I lost my job due to covid in March 2020 and I have had no income. I have exhausted all my resources here in the state of Oklahoma and I've lost so much to do this pandemic. I just want to get my career going again and get back into the service industry like I was. I've been in the service industry for 12 years and I want to continue my employment in the service industry. I lost everything and I'm currently trying to keep a home that I just got because I've been homeless these last couple of months. I’m actively searching for work again and I just want to provide for my family.

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