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HELP Restaurant Workers impacted by the Pandemic

The restaurant industry has been impacted terribly as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. As a result, small businesses and restaurant workers need our help now more than ever. Help SOAR works with impacted restaurant workers by helping them find new job opportunities, start their own home-based food business, and by providing them with relief

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Our Impact:

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Brittney F. from Pennsylvania

"The Soar team has helped me so much! When I was down and out I couldn't afford my electric bill, they helped me pay it off. I can't say how amazing it feels to have people out here like the SOAR Team that care and are so passionate about getting restaurant workers the help that we so desperately need!"

How it works

Learn more about what Help SOAR does to assist restaurant workers and small businesses.

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Help for restaurant workers and small businesses impacted by COVID-19


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